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Foaming agent systems and additives


Tornesch/Germany, May 2023 – The foaming agent systems developed by TRAMACO and distributed under the brand name TRACEL® react as chemical, endo- or exothermic foaming and nucleating agents. Upon heating, the reaction generates gas, which is dissolved in the polymer and leads to foaming of the plastic.

The foaming agent systems may be used in various plastics and are especially suited for injection molding and extrusion applications. In addition to the weight reduction resulting from the foaming and the material saving in injection molding, further interesting advantages may be achieved by the use of TRACEL®:

» Reduction of sink marks in the part
» warpage reduction (particularly for big moldings)
» flow improvement / melt temperature reduction
» cycle time reduction
» Surface effects (visual/haptic)

Thermoplastic foam injection molding can run on regular injection molding machines. Compared to regular injection molding, only one shut-off nozzle is needed and it is recommended to use tools with a higher chromium content (not less than 13 - 15 % Cr).

TRAMACO also offers green products with biobased or biodegradable carriers in addition to the conventional foaming agents.

Furthermore TRAMACO develops and supplies additional additives such as slip agents and mold release agents (TRASIL & TRASLIP), antistatics (TRAPOR & TRASTATIC) and UV-stabilizers (TRASTAB).

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