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New environmentally friendly primer for Polyethylen (PE) in the portfolio of TRAMACO


TRAMACO has developed two environmentally friendly products and thereby has expanded its portfolio by the adhesion promoter TRAPYLEN® 9703 W and the primer TRAPYLEN® 9700 W.

Pinneberg/Germany, January 21st, 2016 - Both products meet highest requirements for the coating and varnishing of Polyethylen which in the past could only be achieved by two-component-systems containing solvent (varnish and hardener) and guarantee a very good adhesion of the varnish on plastic components and films.

TRAPYLEN® 9703 W is a new aqueous, chlorine free primer for PE, which is characterized as a self-crosslinking primer with good resistance for alcohol and sun cream. It can be applied directly on a sub-strate (film or moulded part). This primer allows even thinner primer layers by dilution with water or isopropanol.

TRAPYLEN® 9700 W is a new aqueous, chlorine free primer, which can be added directly to various dispersions to provide a varnish or adhesive with the necessary adhesion on PE.

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