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News from 22.09.2023

Structural foam molding (SFM) with chemical foaming agent systems from TRAMACO

Tornesch/Germany, September 2023 – Structural foam molding (SFM for short) is a special process in the field of injection molding. In this process the thermoplastic is foamed in the cavity by adding a foaming agent to the polymer in the injection molding machine. In injection molding, foaming agents are used to avoid sink marks, to produce thick-walled molded parts and/or to save weight. SFM is… Read more
News from 14.09.2023


Tornesch/Germany, September 2023 – In addition to its range of UNICELL chemical foaming agents and UNICEL MS expandable microspheres, TRAMACO now also offers pre-expanded microspheres as ultra-lightweight fillers under the name UNICELL HMS. Read more
News from 17.05.2023

Foaming agent systems and additives

Tornesch/Germany, May 2023 – The foaming agent systems developed by TRAMACO and distributed under the brand name TRACEL® react as chemical, endo- or exothermic foaming and nucleating agents. Upon heating, the reaction generates gas, which is dissolved in the polymer and leads to foaming of the plastic. Read more


News from 26.01.2023

FAKUMA Friedrichshafen

In Friedrichshafen, Germany, the FAKUMA opens its gates for the 29. time on October, 15-19, 2024. In 2022 the plastics fair proved again that FAKUMA is one of the most important fairs of this industry. At the fair center Friedrichshafen visitors will get a comprehensive overview over all relevant procedures, technoligies and products - of course also at the ROWA GROUP booth in hall B1 booth 1212!… Read more

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