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Styrenics – Injection Moulding

We recommend our granular foaming agents. They provide the following advantages

  • reduction of weight
  • prevention of sink marks and warping
  • achieving of special colour and surface effects.

Our technical service team is looking forward to render qualified and target oriented advice.


Product Selection

Foaming Agent Masterbatches
(polymer bound)
Decomposition TemperatureRemarks
TRACEL® NC 05/200135 - 220°Cagainst sink marks
TRACEL® PO 1202135 - 220°Cagainst sink marks
TRACEL® IM 3170 MSca. 170°Chigh gas pressure, exothermic
TRACEL® IM 2215185 - 220°Cfinest cell structure
TRACEL® IM 4201ca. 200°Cfinest cell structure
TRACEL® IM 4215185 - 220°Cfinest cell structure
TRACEL® IM 7200135 - 220°Cfine cell structure
TRACEL® IM 7202 ST135 - 220°Ccoarse cell structure, endothermic
TRACEL® IM 7215185 - 220°Cfinest cell structure
TRACEL® IMC 4200135 - 220°Cfiner cell structure, endothermic
TRACEL® INC 7175 ACR135 - 220°Cfinest cell structure
TRACEL® INC 7207 F135 - 220°Cfinest cell structure
Foaming Agent Powders
TRACEL® NC 155135 - 220°Cfine cell structure, endothermic
TRACEL® NCS 175135 - 220°Cfinest cell structure, endothermic

Our product recommendations and technical advice are based on careful investigation and are to our best knowledge but are without guarantee. Users have to test for themselves whether our products perform properly in their application.

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