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Chemical Foaming Agents for Rotational Moulding of PE

In rotational moulding of PE the use of foaming agent powders is preferred. These powders are fed to the mould together with the polymers. To improve the foaming characteristics in rotational moulding, special foaming agent compounds have been developed that are predispersed in a PE carrier system.

Our Technical Service Department will be glad to help you choose the best product from our range for your application. Please use our contact form for your enquiries.

Some of our products for rotational moulding of polyolefins are listed below:

Foaming Agent Powders decomposition temperature remarks
TRACEL® NCX 135  135 - 200°C great cell structure, endothermic
TRACEL® NC 155 135 - 220°C fine cell structure, endothermic
TRACEL® NCS 175 135 - 220°C finest cell structure, endothermic
TRACEL® DB 120/50 PE ca. 130°C predispersed in PE, exothermic
TRACEL® DB 160/50 PE ca. 160°C predispersed in PE, exothermic
TRACEL® DB 170/50 PE ca. 170°C predispersed in PE, exothermic
Basic Foaming Agents
TRACEL® OBSH 160 NER ca. 160°C phlegmatised OBSH, exothermic
UNICELL® D 200 A ca. 210°C azodicarbonamide, exothermic

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