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Trapylen® + trapur®, primer and adhesion promoter systems

Adhesion additives for printing inks

In solvent based printing inks to be applied onto PP and other polyolefinic plastics our standard products TRAPYLEN® 186 X, 187 X, 196 X and 691 are suitable as additives to increase adhesion strength.

Suitable adhesion additives for UV- curable printing inks are our TRAPYLEN® 5000 UV- series.

Information Leaflet TRAPYLEN® for UV application

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grade chemical character c[Cl]% solid content solvent property
691 modif.CPO 20,5 20 toluene suitable for PE
186 X CPO 43 60 xylene best compatibility
186 EAC CPO 43 40 EAC free of aromatic hydrocarbons
187 X CPO 36 60 xylene Better adhesion compared to 186 X
196 X CPO 26 20 xylene good heat seal properties
5550 UV modif. CPO 25 100 IBOA increased adhesion strength
5590 UV modif. CPO 29 100 IBOA good adhesion and compatibility
5650 UV modif. CPO 38 100 IBOA best compatibility
5800 UV modif. CPO 42 100 HDDA fast cross-linking


Our product recommendations and technical advice are based on careful investigation and are to our best knowledge but are without guarantee. Users have to test for themselves whether our products perform properly in their application.

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