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Basis Chemical Foaming Agents

Basic Chemical Foaming Agents

Tramaco GmbH is the European Distributor of Dongjin Semichem Co. Ltd. of Korea, one of the leading producers worldwide of chemical foaming agents.

Our Technical Service Department will be glad to help you choose the best product from our range for your application. Please use our contact form for your enquiries.

Some of the most common basic foaming agents from the portfolio of Dongjin Semichem are listed below:

Product Selection

Azodicarbonamide (Azo, ADCA)Decomposition Temperature  Remarks
UNICELL D 200 Aca. 210°Cvery fine particles
UNICELL D 200 LKca. 210°Cfor PVC-plastisols
UNICELL D 300 Tca. 210°Cvery fine particles, low emissions
UNICELL D 800ca. 210°Cmedium particle size
UNICELL D 1500ca. 210°Clarge particle size
p,p´ -Oxybisbenzenesulfonylhydrazide (OBSH)
TRACEL® OBSH 160 NER        ca. 160°Cphlegmatised OBSH
UNICELL OH-W2  ca. 160°CPE, rubber, platisols
p-Toluenesulfonylhydrazide (TSH)
UNICELL Hca. 145°Cdecomposition in rubber at about 110°C

Our product recommendations and technical advice are based on careful investigation and are to our best knowledge but are without guarantee. Users have to test for themselves whether our products perform properly in their application.

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