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Chemical Foaming Agents for Rubber

In the production of foamed rubber parts an optimum dispersion of the chemical foaming agent in the polymer matrix is even more important than in plastics processing. Therefore foaming agent powders coated with dispersing agents or foaming agents predispersed in EPDM are preferred.

Upon request all our foaming agents can be supplied in preweighed sachets.

Our Technical Service Department will be glad to help you choose the best product from our range for your application. Please use our contact form for your enquiries.

Some of our foaming agents for use in rubber are listed below:

Foaming Agent Pastes
and oil-treated Powders
decomposition temperature Remarks
TRACEL® TSH 75 K1P ca. 110°C coated with dispersing agent
TRACEL® K 5/95 ca. 130°C oil-treated, dust-free powder
TRACEL® K 3/95 ca. 140°C oil-treated, dust-free powder
TRACEL® SR 165/75 K ca. 165°C coated with dispersing agent
TRACEL® OBSH 75 KP ca. 160°C coated with dispersing agent
TRACEL® OBSH 80 P-RW ca. 160°C coated with dispersing agent, for smooth surfaces
TRACEL® ADC 5/90 P ca. 200°C coated with dispersing agent
TRACEL® ADC 2/75 PASTE ca. 200°C coated with dispersing agent
EPDM-bound Foaming Agents
TRACEL® OBSH 75 EPR-1 ca. 160°C predispersed in EPDM
TRACEL® ADC 3/75 EPR-1 ca. 200°C predispersed in EPDM
Basic Foaming Agents
UNICELL® H ca. 110°C p-toluenesulfonylhydrazide, exothermic
TRACEL® OBSH 160 NER ca. 160°C phlegmatised OBSH, exothermic
UNICELL® D 200 A ca. 210°C azodicarbonamide, exothermic
UNICELL® D 800 ca. 210°C azodicarbonamide, exothermic
UNICELL® BM   zinc dibenzenesulfinate (ZDBS)
UNICELL® TM   zinc ditoluenesulfinate (ZDTS)
UNIPASTE® N3S   modified urea

Our product recommendations and technical advice are based on careful investigation and are to our best knowledge but are without guarantee. Users have to test for themselves whether our products perform properly in their application.

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