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TRAPYLEN® for coating of plastic parts

In general CPO's having the best adhesion strength onto plastics which are difficult to adhere to, like PP, blends of PP/EPDM and GMT.

Standard products for this kind of application are TRAPYLEN® 112 X, 130 X, 135 X, 137 X, 139 S, 6600 W, 6700 W, 6800 W,  9600 W, 9350 W 30 and 9700 W

A TRAPYLEN® resin solution can be applied as a primer. Alternatively TRAPYLEN® can be modified with other binder resins and pigments and can be applied as a pigmented primer.

Information Leaflet TRAPYLEN® for plastic parts

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Some grades are available as solid resin or in other solvents as well.

gradechemical characterc[Cl]%solid contentsolventproperty
112 BAC 10modif. CPO20,510butyl acetatefree of aromatic hydrocarbons
114 Xmodif. CPO20,520xyleneLower Mw, higher Mp. than 112 X
128 MEKmodif. CPO2820MEKGood adhesion and compatibility
130 Xmodif. CPO24,520xylenestandard
135 Xmodif. CPO2215xylenehigher softening point
137 Xmodif. CPO2220xylenebetter compatibility compared to 135X
138 Smodif. CPO11100./.good adhesion and resistance
139 Smodif. CPO11100./.better compatibility compared to 138 S
146 Xmodif. CPO1920xylenebetter compatibility against 145 X 5
777modif. CPO535tolueneNCO crosslinkable
6600 Wmodif. CPO2030wateradhesion additive, free of APEO
6700 Wmodif. CPO2230wateradhesion additive, free of APEO
6800 Wmodif. CPO2530wateradhesion additive, free of APEO
911 SAPO./.100./.Base APO
920 XAPO./.10xylenechlorine free, amorphous polymer
950 XAPO./.10xylenechlorine free, crystallized polymer
9350 W 30APO./.30waterchlorine and APEO free, crosslinkable
9600 WAPO./.30waterchlorine and APEO free, tack- free
9700 WAPO./.30waterchlorine and APEO free, additive for PE

Some grades are available as solid resin or in other solvents as well.



Our product recommendations and technical advice are based on careful investigation and are to our best knowledge but are without guarantee. Users have to test for themselves whether our products perform properly in their application.

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